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This site provides news and information for people who want to manage charities in a sustainable way.  

Managing safe, environmentally sustainable workplaces and charitable activities in a cost-effective way are increasingly complex tasks. 

This website publishes free news, information and resources on good practice for charities, with a particular focus on sustainability. The site is managed by Annette McGill.

Who is it for? 

This website is for everyone in the voluntary sector who wants to ensure that their charity is operating in a sustainable way. 

Charities own and manage millions of pounds worth of buildings and property assets around the U.K. They provide working environments for thousands of staff and volunteers and deliver vital services for their users.

This site has a particular focus on delivering sustainable workspaces and facilities management in the non-profit sector. Good facilities management is fundamental to sustainable operations and can make a big difference to a charity's performance.

The resources on this website are not just for facilities managers. Trustees, staff and other stakeholders who want to incorporate sustainable working into their charity will also find usefull guidance.

What type of organisations can benefit?

All types of voluntary sector organisations:

  • international charities 
  • national organisations
  • hospices 
  • think tanks
  • churches
  • animal shelters 
  • community groups
  • voluntary sector infrastructure bodies


This site was set up for the Charities FM Group. 

The CFM Group was formed in 2008 by the chief executives of two small charities, Annette McGill and Sue Nyfield. They were both faced with major FM challenges - relocating a museum and adapting a listed building to be accessible. They found that there was very little in the way of support and advice available for charities addressing these types of problems.

After consulting with other charity chief executives, they decided to set up a grassroots network to promote information sharing and good practice. 

The Charity FM Group grew to more than 300 member-charities. We work with facilities teams from large organisations with nationwide property portfolios, facilities managers with small to medium-sized offices, operations managers and procurement officers, as well as office managers and administrators for smaller voluntary organisations and community groups.

As wll as running this site, we arranged national conferences, seminars and informal networking meetings and published a monthly newsletter for more than ten years.