About us

We are an informal network for people who deal with property and facilities management in the voluntary sector.

Charities own and manage millions of pounds worth of buildings and property assets around the U.K. They provide working environments for thousands of staff and volunteers. Managing safe workplaces and supporting charitable activities in a cost-effective way are increasingly complex tasks. Good facilities management can make a big difference to charity performance. 

What we do

We support charities by promoting good practice in workplace and facilities management and property management.

We organise meetings and webinars, publish information about property and facilities management, provide news about current issues, publish an email newsletter and support an online discussion group.

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Who is it for? 

The CFM Group is for everyone who deals with buildings, property and facilities management issues in the non-profit sector.

We have participants representing facilities teams from large organisations with nation-wide property portfolios, facilities managers  with small to medium-sized offices, operations managers and procurement officers, as well as office managers and administrators who look after workplace issues for smaller voluntary organisations and community groups.

We also welcome people who deal with fm-related issues as an adjunct to their main role: people working in hr, health and safety and i.t., as well those looking at property and strategic issues for their organisation.

What kinds of charities participate?

All types of voluntary sector organisations can benefit from creating better workplaces and making the most of their property. Our participating charities include:

  • international charities 
  • national organisations
  • hospices 
  • think tanks
  • churches
  • animal shelters 
  • community groups
  • voluntary sector infrastructure bodies


The CFM Group was set up by two charity chief executives, Annette McGill and Sue Nyfield. They were both faced with major challenges related to facilities management: relocating a museum and adapting a listed building to be accessible, respectively. They found that there was very little in the way of support and advice available for charities addressing these types of problems.

After consulting with other charity chief executives, they decided to set up a grassroots network to promote 

  • good practice in charity workplace and facilities management
  • sustainable workplaces and property management
  • peer-to-peer information sharing
  • professional development .


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch: use our contact form to email us.