About us


We support charities by promoting good practice in facilities management and property management.

Charities own and manage millions of pounds worth of buildings and property assets around the U.K. Providing a good quality working environment – and delivering it in a cost-effective way – are increasingly complex tasks. Good facilities management can make a big difference to charity performance. 

What we do:

We support the people who undertake facilities management and related responsibilities in the voluntary sector.

We organise meetings for members, publish information about property and facilities management, provide news about current issues, publish an email newsletter and support an on-line discussion group. We are especially interested in encouraging professional development for people looking after property and facilities management in the voluntary sector and as well as promoting sustainable f.m.

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Please note: the CFM Group is managed on a voluntary basis. This limits the amount of work we can deliver.


Our members represent all types of voluntary sector organisations.

The people who participate in our activities include charity facilities managemers from large organisations, FMs with small to medium-sized offices, property advisors, operations managers and procurement officers, as well as office managers and administrators who look after workplace issues for smaller voluntary organisations and community groups.

Find out who our members are: check the list of our member organisations.

Questions? If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch: use our contact form to email us.