We organise occasional meetings and undertake occasional surveys related to current issues. To connect with other charity fms, join Charities Facilities Management LinkedIn Group

These pages provide an overview of some of our activities.

How can Charity FMs contribute to the wellbeing of staff and volunteers?

Facilities Managers can do more than 'deliver the basics' - this meeting looked at how we can deliver high quality services that can enhance charity effectiveness.

Managing building maintenance is a big challenge for many charities. This meeting considered why regular maintenance is important and different approaches that can make this task more manageable.

We surveyed members about adopting a new structure for the CFM Group. This meeting reviewed the results of the survey and discussed options. 

We organised a joint meeting the Charities Safety Group to discuss how to manage fire safety in charity premises.

Legal issues relating to service charges and property were the focus of discussions at this CFM breakfast meeting.