Back to the workplace: practical solutions for charity fms

How are charities preparing for the return to the workplace? Join our roundtable discussion to share solutions and challenges.

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Charity facilities managers are addressing a huge range of issues.

By Annette McGill

The Charities FM Group is hosting an informal roundtable discussion on July 29th to to discuss how to manage key issues related to a safe return to work.

Our online meeting is designed to bring together charity fms and their colleagues to share how they have prepared their premises for staff and volunteers returning to offices and other workplaces.

If you are working to make your charity COVID-secure, join our roundtable discussion to share your policies and experiences to date.

Topics that are likely to be of interest:

  • Face-to-face meetings 
  • Social distancing and Face masks
  • Testing
  • Cleaning 
  • Highly vulnerable staff  
  • Visitors on site


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Date and time: