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National Living Wage set to increase by 6.2%

Charities will need to spend more as nearly 3m workers are set to get pay increases

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Ofgem proposes tougher regulation for energy suppliers

Energy regulator opens consultation on new checks to protect both business and domestic customers. Energy costs can be a significant burden for charities, and facilities managers can spent a lot of time trying to find the best gas and electricity tariffs.

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Energy firms accused of ‘greenwashing’ renewable energy tariffs

The consumer organisation Which? Says many energy companies “risk misleading their customers” about renewable electricity. The warning comes as many charity facilities managers seek to switch to energy from renewable energy suppliers.

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4th round Places of Worship security scheme opens next month 

The Home Office has announced a new round of funding through The Places of Worship Protective Security Scheme.

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Arts Council issues guidance on no-deal Brexit 

Arts Council England has published a guide to help arts and cultural organisations prepare for the UK exiting from the European Union without a withdrawal agreement.

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Government announces £1m funding for community ‘pocket parks’

Up to £15,000 funding for small new parks and up to £25,000 available for renovating existing parks.

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London Community Energy Fund offers help with solar PV

London-based community groups can get grants of up to £15,000 to help design solar PV installations. The offer comes ahead of Feed-in Tariff deadline.

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Energy, maintenance, cleaning costs rising

Prices for a range of facilities-related services have risen faster than inflation.

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BIFM name change to happen on 12 November

UK's leading professional FM body to rebrand in November 2018.

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National Cyber Security Centre warns on cyber crime threat to charities

Charity and supporter data is at risk from digital crime, security agency warns

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